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Dutch Barn Day Care for Dogs 

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Situated just off the A64 near Welburn (14 miles from York, 5 miles from Malton and 28 miles from Scarborough), our roomy day care kennels are set in a 2 acre field at the back of our house surrounded by woodland and fields. The area is fenced off for security so there is no unwanted public access and the dogs can have quality time playing and running.

Please note that all dogs are mingling with each other - we do not keep them in the kennels. If they feel like it they can withdraw in a kennel at any time, as they are open. The kennels are fitted with lights and beds. We also have a covered area which we open when it rains or snows. There is heating supplied in this area. Otherwise all of the day care area is open to the elements and the dogs can choose where they want to be at any time. Please realise that your dog may be mucky when you pick it up!

At Dutch Barn Day Care for Dogs we aim to be bespoke. We want to get to know your dog so we can give it the attention and care it needs. We spend time with your dog walking and playing so your dog will get to know us. If the attention is to play or to cuddle - we'll find out and oblige. Kick a ball or play tug. Or sit on a lap and be stroked. As we only have a small number of dogs in at any one time, we will give your dog the attention it needs - every time it visits us!!

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