Dutch Barn Day Care for Dogs
Dutch Barn Day Care for Dogs 

Do's and Don'ts

We like to have happy dogs and we care about their welfare!


Therefore please note that we have a strict policy that you cannot leave your dog with us for longer than 10 hours per day. If you cannot pick your dog up within 10 hours (or before closing time at 6pm) it is your responsibility to find a solution by asking a friend, neighbour etc. to do so on your behalf.

We have the right to refuse your dog in the future if you fail to do so more than once.

It is not a requirement for your dog to be insured but we strongly recommend it. All dogs will be covered by our third party liability insurance. Any vet bills incurred during their stay to cover illness will be reclaimed from you when you return to collect your dog. If an emergency occurs during your dogs' stay, we will seek veterinary help without your consult. 


You should always keep up to date with your dogs vaccinations to protect from illness and disease. You will be required to show us your dog's vaccination card. This is for your dog's safety, as well as for other dogs in our care. Also we recommend your dog has been treated for kennel cough.


We will not accept aggressive dogs nor dogs that are on the list of banned dogs (see GOV.uk). Unfortunately, we also cannot accept Border Collies, as they don't suit our environment,


(Please also see our Ts & Cs page for further information)

We do accept entire dogs and bitches. However, entire bitches will not be able to stay with us when in season. Any 'accidents' are not our responsibility as all dogs mingle at all times. Entire dogs which become too 'eager' and therefore become a problem to day-to-day play will be asked to leave.

BBC News (16 March 2016) featured an article on ticks and the (new) disease they might carry for your dog called babesiosis, which can be fatal. Therefore, we strongly advise you to give your dog a regular flea and tick treatment.

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