Dutch Barn Day Care for Dogs
Dutch Barn Day Care for Dogs

Meet me

My name is Mildred Reiniers, and if you’re wondering where this surname comes from: I’m Dutch. I have been living with my partner John on his pig farm near Welburn since 2007. After a lifetime of working for travel agencies, counselling companies, law firms and a science lab, I’ve now been able to make my dream come true and start the day care kennels behind our house.

I grew up and lived with all kinds of dogs amongst which various Dachshunds,  Maltese, Pekinese, Bernese Mountain, Scottish Terrier, German Pointer, German Sheperd, Basset Griffon Vendeen, Bassethound, Labrador and some mongrels. At the moment we have three Labradors at the farm and two Dachshunds at home.

What can be more fulfilling than working for and with dogs and their owners, from home and outdoors? With my services I hope to be able to also give you and your dog a good work/life balance!

Recently (March 2016) I have attended the Glen Stanford Whisperer course and received the diploma for Dog psychology and behaviour level 1.

If you prefer a dog walker or home visit, please contact Victoria: 

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