Dutch Barn Day Care for Dogs
Dutch Barn Day Care for Dogs 

What if I want to bring my new puppy?

Puppies can come to Dutch Barn from 2 weeks after their first full vaccination. Please check with your vet! We generally accept pups from 12 weeks onwards.


Puppies love to play and explore so doggy day care is exciting for them. This takes a lot of energy out of them. Therefore puppies (up to 24 weeks - 8 months approx.) can only stay with us for a maximum of 7 hours per day.


We also want you to make sure we get their lunchtime food.


Puppies need a lot of sleep, which they will not get easily when they're in day care because of all the things happening around them. This means, you will be taking an exhausted pup home with you.


It is not recommended to have your pup stay with us 5 days per week.


There is no need to bring their bedding, toys etc. as they'll be too busy exploring new things. Besides, Dutch Barn is not home - it's kindergarten!

Existing customers can click here for availability.

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